When you are finished with your curriculum and ready to sell, or if you want to try something new and you are looking to buy, we have options to help you move forward. We know how busy you are, so we’ve made our consignment process super simple. Just pull up to the front door, bring in your items and transfer them into our bins. Label every bin with your contact information and we do the rest! You can even go online and check on your sales and your account balance at any time.

Consigning with Homeschool Café will earn you at least 50% of your sales. The amount is dependent upon the sales price per item and how you choose to receive payment: cash or store credit.  We love nearly-new items, but we also know the value of the “tried and true” curriculum. And don’t throw out that workbook that is barely used, we might be able to squeeze some more life out of it! Items that need extra time or attention to get them ready for sale (for example, removing stickers or wiping down sticky covers) will incur a small fee to help offset the costs and the time involved. Sometimes as we’re pricing we come across items that we can’t sell. Please tell us if you’d like to come back and pick up these items; otherwise, the “no thank-you’s” will be donated or recycled.

Our consignment period is one year, after which you’re welcome to come pick up any materials that haven’t sold. We will try our best to sell everything, and some material may be reduced at some point to facilitate this. We can’t accept anything you’ve printed out yourself or outdated curriculum that is missing important and hard-to-find supplemental materials. Pricing is determined by several factors including the condition on the item, the cost to purchase new, sales price and quantity available online, etc. Preparing your merchandise beforehand will help generate more income for you. We do charge a small buyer’s fee to help offset the cost of ink, labels and bags.

Consignment saves time and money and is an excellent way to simplify one area of your busy life. You don’t have to worry about pricing items, advertising, and then driving around town making deliveries. Plus as a buyer, you know exactly what you’re buying because you’ve had a chance to look at everything firsthand. No curriculum is going to be a perfect fit, but if your current plan isn’t working, we have many other options for you to consider. It’s always comforting to see and touch things before you commit to buying them, and it’s rewarding to support the local homeschooling community as well. Stop by and let us show you how easy and helpful your local consignment store can be.