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This is where you can curl up and chat online with the locals. What is needed to start homeschooling? What classes are out there? Does anyone want to start a play-group? If you have an idea, this is the place to get the ball rolling. A question? Someone here will probably have an answer. Our families are diverse and respectful of each other’s unique journey. Click the link at the bottom of the page to tap into Homeschool Café’s support forum.

Curriculum Choices

Talking to someone who has experience using a specific curriculum is so helpful because they can point out both the benefits and the pitfalls. Billings has awesome homeschool veterans who would love to help you refine your own educational program and can offer suggestions that will support your vision.

Dyslexia Remediation

Our self-tutoring center offers the complete Barton Reading and Spelling System for parents to use. The program is simple to teach and a much cheaper alternative to buying it yourself or hiring a private tutor. Tutoring is available as well, or we can create a hybrid plan that best fits your child’s educational needs and your budget.

Preventing Reading Difficulties

It is estimated that one in five children have dyslexia. Starting your child on the path to literacy does not need to be daunting. We are excited to offer early reading workshops that help guide parents and children through every stage of emergent literacy: comprehension, vocabulary, sounds, letters, words and sentences. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! ~Franklin

Classes, Co-ops & Clubs

Billings has a lot of resources, and Homeschool Café is dedicated to helping you find what you need within our community. Group classes offer an audience for that well-crafted piece of writing, and a platform for that well-thought out argument. This could even be the perfect opportunity to showcase your own talents and teach your own class!

A Shoulder to Cry On

There are days when you just need a hug (or maybe a punching bag?!) Either way, you’ll find refuge here, because we have all had those days. You’re among friends, so vent away!

Welcome to Homeschool Café.

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